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Program Charges

Program Charges tables for undergraduate and graduate students are listed below. Additional student fees may apply.

Please contact the Business Office for more information or if you have questions about our payment plans.

**All tuition and fees are subject to change without notice**


Traditional Undergraduate

Undergraduate Students (2018-2019) Click here if you would like to estimate what your costs will be.
Full-time (12-18 units/semester) $40,018/year - $20,009/semester
Full-time (units in excess of 18/semester) $1,667/unit
Part-time (less than 12 units/semester) $1,667/unit
University Services Fee $576 (Full-Time)  $161 (Part-Time)
Nursing Fee (If Applicable) $399
Health Insurance Fee $908 (Fall Only)  $1,447 (Spring & Summer) 
Summer 2019 (New Incoming Only) $655
Accelerated BSN (2018-2019)
Fall Semester (2018)
Tuition (21 units)
Nursing Dept. Fee (Clinical)
University Services Fee
Health Insurance: $908 (Fall 2018 Only)  
Spring Semester (2019)
Tuition (20 units)
Nursing Dept. Fee (Clinical)
University Services Fee
Health Insurance $1,447 (Spring & Summer 2019)  
Summer Semester (2019 Returning Students)
Tuition (20 units)
Nursing Dept. Fee (Clinical)
University Services Fee
Part-time (less than 12 units/semester) $1,667/unit
Associate Degree in Nursing (2018-2019)
Tuition (12-18 units per semester) $11,436
Full-Time (In excess of 18 units/semester) $953/unit
Part-Time (Less than 12 units/semester) $953/unit
University Services Fee  $301/semester
Nursing Fee $399/semester
Health Insurance (above 7 Units)

$908 - Fall 2018

$1,447 - Spring & Summer 2019

$655 - New Nursing Program Summer 2019

RN to BSN Program (2018-2019)
Nursing Courses


Weekend College Courses $762/unit
Traditional Courses $1,667/unit
University Services Fee $301/semester
Nursing Fee $156/semester
Online Nursing Courses $640/unit
Online General Education Courses $573/unit
Online University Services Fee $150/semester
Online Nursing Fee $150/semester
Health Insurance

$908 (Fall 2018)

$1,447 (Spring & Summer 2019)

MSMU - Mt. SAC RN to BSN (2018-2019)
3 Continuous Semesters - 31 units $16,527 / program cost
*Cost does not include books or parking.   


Master's Students (2018-2019)
Tuition (per unit) $959
University Services Fee $161
Graduate Extension $46/unit
MBA (2018-2019)
Cohort - Total Program Tuition and International Study Travel and University Fees* $43,504.00
Foundations (per unit)** $959.00
Foundations University Services Fee $161.00

*If a student leaves or is dismissed from the MBA program, there will be a full refund of the portion of the student’s payments allocated to field study, less any amount already paid to a third party provider to cover trip costs.

**Additional 9 units of MBA Foundations Courses at Master's per unit rates are required for those who did not complete equivalent foundational Business Administration courses at the undergraduate level; consult the MBA Program Director for details.

***Please Note: travel and room and board expenses for residencies are the responsibility of the student. Please contact us for more information.

Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) Film and Television  (2018-2019)
Tuition (per unit)  $959.00
University Service Fee (per semester) $155.00
Program Fee (per semester) $710.00
Doctor of Clinical Psychology (2018-2019)
Tuition (per unit) $959
University Services Fee $161
Graduate Extension $46/unit
Doctor of Physical Therapy (2018-2019)
DPT $959/unit
Year I Units
Year II Units
Year III Units
Health Insurance $908 (Fall 2018) and $1,447 (Spring & Summer 2019)  
University Service Fee $628/semester
Graduate Certificate Students (2018-2019)
Graduate Humanities - Certificate $501/unit

Weekend College/Online

Weekend College Program (2018-2019)
Per Unit


University Services Fee $161
Online Associate and Baccalaureate Degree (MSMU Online) 2018-2019
Tuition - New Incoming
Subject to company discounts
University Services Fee $73/session

Room and Board (2018-2019)

  Semester Year
Quadruple $5,482.50 $10,965
Triple $5,806.00 $11,612
Small double $5,962.50 $11,925
Large double $6,117.50 $12,235
Single suite $6,472.50 $12,945
Single, half-bath $6,746.00 $13,492
Single, private-bath $7,381.00 $14,762
Residence Hall Activity Fee $17.50 $35

Student Fees (2018-2019)

For  a complete list of University fees please visit the University Catalog

University Services Fees (Per Semester - Non Refundable)

Undergraduate (with 7 or more units/semester)

     (this fee includes the Associated Student Body Fee for full-time students, health services (not health insurance), and expenses inherent to orientation and graduation, among others.)

Undergraduate (with 6 or less units/semester) $161
Accelerated BSN $571
RN to BSN Program $301
Associates Degree in Nursing (this includes health services, among other) $301
Weekend College - Undergraduate $161
MSMU Online $73/session


    Master's Degree (Excluding Certificate Students)

Doctor of Physical Therapy $628
Master of Fine Arts - Film & Television $155
Parking Permit (Including LA City Tax)
Full-Time, Undergraduate, DPT, ABSN, RN to BSN, and ADN $375/year $195/semester
Graduate, and Weekend & Evening College Format $195/year $105/semester
MBA (yearly permit only) $375/year
Carpool $95/semester
Designated 2-days per week $120/semester
Designated 1-day per week $60/semester
Monthly Pass $75
Daily Pass $5
Lost Parking Permit Replacement $50/transaction
General Fees

Application  for Admission Fees

    Undergraduate and Weekend College 

    All Undergraduate Nursing Programs

    Weekend Online Application


    International Student







Graduation Fee

    For Graduate, Weekend and Evening College, RN to BSN & ADN

Late Graduation Application Fee $125

Late Registration Fee, per semester

    For Graduate & Weekend College (After May 1st - Summer, Aug 1st - Fall, Dec 1st - Spring)


Late Clearance Fee, per semester (all programs)

    On Published Financial Clearance Deadline (1st)

    On First Day of Academic Term (2nd)

 * Up to $240.00 in Late Clearance Fees may be assessed if the account balance is not cleared after the semester start date




Transcript Fee - Per Copy $25
Rush Transcript Fee - Per Copy $50
Diploma Fee - Per Duplicate Copy $55
Study Abroad Fee - For Study Abroad students only $210
Return Check Fee - Per NSF Check $50
Check Cashing Fee (Students and Employee) $8

MSMU MyPaymentPlan

    Enrollment Fee Per Semester - 4 month plan

    Enrollment Fee Per Semester - 6 month plan

    Late Payment Fee Per Month





Emergency Advance (Loan) Fee, Per Transaction (Maximum $500.00) $35
Expedited Check Fee, Per Transaction $60
Lost Mailbox Key Fee $25
Account Rollover Fee $220
Course Fees
Lab - Advanced Health Assessment (3 units) - Nursing 200 $104/class

Medical Screening Fee (Includes background and testing fees)

  • First-time Sophomores



EDU 33 & 133 The Visual and Performing Arts for the Young Child $30/course
Film Lab Fee $40/class
Summer Skills      $225
Supervised Teaching Courses
EDU 116A, 178B, 245A, 245B, 316A, 164A, 364A, 378A , 116B, 316B, 364B, 164B, 378B, 239B $155/course
Art Lab Fee $65/class
EDU 225B Portfolio Evaluation $55/course
EDU 225D Portfolio Evaluation $205/course
EDU 226A Portfolio Evaluation $50/course
EDU226B Portfolio Evaluation $100/course
Enrichment Courses
1 - Unit Course TBD
2 - Unit Course TBD
3 - Unit Course TBD
Applied Music

Full Time

   Music Major - MUS15/115

   Music Minor - MUS13/113

   Non-music Major or Minor - MUS13/113





Course Challenge by Examination

Course Challenge Fee

If successfully passed, the cost of the units awarded will be one-half the unit cost of the course as stated in the current MSMU catalog.


Tuition & Housing Deposits (2018-2019)

Tuition Deposit - Undergraduate
Not refundable; applied against tuition. Students who do not attend in their first semester will forfeit their deposits and will be required to pay a new deposit the next semester.

Tuition Deposit - Graduate
Not refundable; applied against tuition; forfeited after two (2) calendar years.

Undergraduate $200
Accelerated BSN $400
Doctor of Physical Therapy $500
Associate Degree in Nursing $100
RN to BSN (MSMU-Mt.SAC) $100
Master of Business Administration (MBA) $300
Master of Fine Arts- Film & Television $300
International & Baccalaureate Nursing Transfer $300
Deposit $200

**All tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.**