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Student Paychecks

Student employees will need to register with ADP EzLabor to gain access to a time keeping system that will allow them to log their work hours online. Log-in access will become available once the student has submitted all required paperwork to the Student Employment Office. Hours logged online will have to be approved by the designated supervisor prior to the issuance of a paycheck.

Payroll checks, including payroll stub information are distributed on scheduled paydays at or around 8:30 a.m. as follows:

  • Chalon resident student payroll checks are sent to the Student’s resident mailbox.
  • Doheny resident student payroll checks are sent to the Doheny Business Office for pick up.
  • Commuters’ paychecks/stubs are for pick up – Chalon commuters at the Chalon Business Office and Doheny commuters at the Doheny Business Office. If pay checks/stubs are not picked up on the pay date they are then mailed out via U.S. postal service to the home address on file on the next business day.