Why a Women’s College?

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    Thinking of attending a women’s college? Here are the Top 5 reasons why you should take advantage of all the special benefits a women’s college has to offer.

    1. Women’s colleges are known for providing an educational environment that both nurtures and challenges women to be their best.

      Mount Saint Mary’s University is dedicated to helping students develop their talents, no matter what their area of academic interest—be it science or math, sociology or music, or any other of the college’s more than 25 majors.

    2. Traditionally, graduates of a women’s college are twice as likely as female graduates of coeducational colleges and universities to

      • earn a PhD
      • attend medical school
      • attain higher positions in their careers
      • earn higher incomes
      • be more involved in philanthropic activity 

      A full 59 percent of baccalaureate graduates from Mount Saint Mary’s University go on to earn advanced degrees.

    3. Studies show that graduates of women’s colleges have more self confidence and are higher achieving.

      Mount students are known for presenting at science conferences, earning national teaching grants, and participating in the annual Public Leadership Education Network’s (PLEN) Women and Congress Seminar in Washington, D.C.

    4. Women’s colleges are known for providing students with strong female role models among the faculty, staff, and administrators and encouraging young women to network with their peers.

      Women make up 80 percent of the Mount faculty, a majority of the President’s Cabinet, and a full half of the Board of Trustees.

    5. Students who attend women’s colleges report a higher degree of satisfaction with their college experience and with their interactions with faculty.

      In the classroom, in clubs, and in every other aspect of campus life, women are front and center at Mount Saint Mary’s University.

    So what do you want from your college education?

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