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  • Understanding my MSMU Statement

     eStatement Example

    How to Read Your Statement

    1. Payment Stub - In this section Students can find the balance on the account to pay by the Financial Clearance Deadline or if enrolled in MY MSMU Payment Plan, when the payment is due. If mailing a payment, include this top portion and keep the bottom part for your records.
    2. Current Account Summary – This section states the Student’s ID number, Statement and Due Date. It also states a Balance Due for the current semester which includes all financial aid and payments applied to the account throughout the semester. A credit balance or negative amount indicates a refund is pending, that is to be issued to the Student.
    3. Account Holds - Restricts access to University Services such as pre-registration, release of official transcripts, grades and diploma. Students who have a hold(s) listed will need to contact those Offices directly to remove the holds from their accounts. The restriction of University services will remain on the account until the Student resolves the hold with each respective Office who have placed the holds on the Accounts.
    4. Transaction Details - The charges on the Statement of Account include the costs of tuition, fees, and room & board. The credits represent payments, waivers, financial aid credits and tuition deposits. The charges and credits are listed within a 30 day time frame. The most recent date will be the last date at the bottom of the Statement, which is also the Account Balance.
    5. Payment Account Details - The Monthly Payment Plan displays the current plans for the semester - there's a six month plan or four month plan, the zero balance in the Installment Amount column indicates payments have been made, amounts are payments still outstanding.

    The pending financial aid awards listed are those award(s) that have not been posted to the Student’s account, but is included to reduce the Account Balance.

    Statement of Account:

    Students who register for semester courses at the University will receive a monthly Statement of Account for the tuition and fee(s) charges. Your Statement of Account is a summary of these charges, payments made, and pending financial aid that applies or will apply to your Student Account on a per semester basis. The Account Balance on your Statement represents the balance due after credits and or financial aid awards have been applied to your Student Account.

    A negative amount or credit appearing in the Account Balance section of the statement represents an amount the Business Office will refund to the Student. A refund of the credit balance will automatically be processed after the Add/Drop period - unless the Student submits a Refund Authorization Form to the Business Office or Portmont College Financial Services to have the funds remain on the Account.

    Financial Clearance

    Students must clear their accounts every semester - no later than the Financial Clearance Deadline (FCD). The Clearance deadline is based on your program enrollment – Traditional Undergrad, Graduate Weekend College, or Portmont College at MSMU.

    Clearance on account means that you have done one or more of the following to settle your semester charges:

    • a. Payment in full of net amount due.
    • b. Enrollment in a payment plan on CASHNet's MyPaymentPlan (MPP) at
    • c. Application of financial aid awards and/or loans – pending financial aid awards does not clear your account.

    Refund Policy:

    Tuition, parking fees, and room & board charges (if applicable) are refundable on a declining basis. All other fees are non refundable. A refund of tuition charges on account is calculated by the length of time expired between the end of the Add/Drop period and the date of withdrawal.

    Restrictions On Accounts

    Students who do not clear their accounts by the FCD or default on their MPP, will have a restriction placed on their accounts that will prevent Students from registering for classes and obtaining various University services, including release of grades, obtaining official transcripts, or releasing of diplomas.

    Students who have restrictions or holds placed on their Account by the following offices must contact the respective Offices to clear their holds: Academic Advisement| Business Office| Office of Student Financing| Registrar's Office.

    Students must submit in writing any disputes regarding the charges reflecting on the Statement to the Business Office or Portmont College Financial Services.

    Non Sufficient Funds (NSF)

    A $50 service charge will be assessed for each returned check. After two NSF (non sufficient funds) checks, Students will be restricted from making ACH payments on CASHNet. A hold or restriction will be placed on the Student's Account until the balance is paid and/or NSF payment is replaced. The student will lose check-writing privileges and will be restricted to paying either by cash, cashier's check, or debit/credit card.

    Mount Students - please contact the Business Office at 213.477.2540 or 310.954.4040 for more information regarding your Statement of Account or click on the FAQ link to launch to our site.