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  • Welcome to Psychology!

    Have you ever wondered...

    • Why you can vividly remember your tenth birthday party but not what you wore last Tuesday?
    • If it's better to suppress thoughts of a painful break-up or to talk about it?
    • Why some drugs, like nicotine and cocaine, are so addictive?

    These are the kinds of questions psychology can help you answer!

    Why major in psychology at Mount Saint Mary’s University?
    • Small classes with individual attention and peer collaboration
    • Dedicated, caring, approachable faculty with diverse interests and expertise
    • Specialty courses covering current issues (e.g., health, sexuality, technology)
    • Practical career and graduate school preparation
    • Hands-on experience (the only local program that requires a practicum, giving you real work experience in psychology)
    • Opportunities to engage in meaningful research
    • Thorough preparation in the entire field of psychology (other local programs only require partial coverage)
    • A choice of specialization in Counseling/Clinical, Child & Adolescent, Research, or Applied Psychology
    • The chance to double major or minor in another subject and still graduate in 4 years
    • More than half of our students (more than the national average) continue on to graduate school
    • The chance to make a difference in the world!

    Feel free to contact me at if you would like to learn more about the Psychology Department and our programs!

    I look forward to talking with you!

    Gist, Dr. PamelaDr. Pam Gist
    Chair, Psychology Department
    Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles

  • Degree Requirements

  • Program Requirements for BA
    Applied Psychology
    Counseling/Clinical Psychology
    Child and Adolescent Psychology
    Research Psychology