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  • Daisy Pizana

    Daisy Pizana

    ”I am glad the Mount is preparing women to become future leaders in the global arena.“

  • Vernice Grajeda

  • 2013 Culture Festival

    MBC America (of Korea) reports on the International Language and Culture Festival.

  • Greetings from the Language and Culture Department Chair

    We are proud to graduate students who have become successful translators, interpreters, teachers, professors, social workers, psychologist, politicians, nurses, and business entrepreneurs. You can become one of them! Contact me!

    What does our vibrant department offer you to achieve your goals?
    • Majors in Spanish Studies or with Emphasis in Translation, Chicano Studies or Journalism
    • Majors in French Studies or with International Emphasis
    • Minors in Spanish, French, or Cultural Studies
    • Japanese and Chinese classes to enhance your career or to enjoy your experience traveling the world
    • Standard professional oral and written communication in Spanish, French, Japanese, and Chinese
    • Immersion in an effective multicultural professional environment
    • The latest technology and methodology for learning
    • Faculty members from around the world
    What do we offer to enhance your education and prepare you for your future careers?
    • Experiencial and service learning
    • National and international internships
    • National and international study travel
    • National Honor Societies
    • Clubs
    • Awards and scholarships

    If you are interested in people from different cultures, how they think, what set of ideas, beliefs, values, rituals, and traditions have shaped their minds, and how these are expressed in different languages, literature, art, theater and film, you have found your department!

    Reguant, Dr. MontserratDr. Montserrat Reguant, Department Chair

    How is a Liberal Arts Education integrated in the Department of Language and Culture Programs?

    1. Our programs and classes are global and interdisciplinary.
    2. Classes are small, facilitating interaction between professors and students, and among students, building friendships and community.
    3. Classes offer a taste of different cultures in introductory levels, or knowledge of diverse cultures in the same country in intermediate and advance levels.
    4. Critical thinking is part of all our classes from introductory to advance levels.
    5. Students integrate and apply their skills not only in the classroom but in a variety of professional settings serving the community through experiential or service learning and internships
    6. Internships are individualized and related to their discipline and career goal. They allow them to apply knowledge in real world settings in Los Angeles or abroad.
    7. Often students are offered jobs where they intern.
    8. Students majoring or minoring in one of our programs often study abroad, giving them the opportunity to expand and live what they have learned in our classes. Study abroad offers them a wide range of complex situations where the students can apply their analytical and solving problems skills.

  • Degree Requirements

  • Minor in Asian Studies
    Chinese Studies
    BA French Studies
    BA French Studies with International Emphasis
    Minor in French Studies
    Japanese Studies
    BA Spanish Studies
    BA Spanish Studies with Chicano Studies Emphasis
    BA Spanish Studies with Translation Emphasis
    BA Spanish and Business Administration
    Minor in Spanish Studies
    Minor in Cultural Studies