Journalism & New Media

  • Marcos Villatoro
    Program Director Marcos McPeek-Villatoro accepts an Emmy for his work on the KCET news magazine "SoCal Connected."

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  • From news writing and investigative journalism to social issue reporting and ethics, students in the Journalism & New Media program learn the skills to identify and give a voice to the world’s most important issues. You will work within a multi-disciplinary environment with Journalism, Film and Media, and English teams who are committed to producing eloquent and creative writers with a passion to tell a story.

    Our courses will help you engage with your readership through digital media and technologies that both challenge and complement traditional news journalism.

    More importantly, the Journalism & New Media program will help you become an informed writer with a global perspective of human rights and world affairs.

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  • Degree Requirements

  • BA in Journalism & New Media
    Minor in Journalism & Media