Graphic Design or Media Communication

  • AA Degree in Graphic Design or Media Communication

    Mount St. Mary's University Associate Arts programs in Graphic Design and Media Communication will prepare the diligent student for a career in a varied world of visual media. These include graphic design, publishing, film and television, and related careers from corporate to freelance. At the end of the two year program, students will be prepared to present a portfolio based upon their choice of Graphic Design or Media Communication that will show competence in publishing, graphic production, visual communication including film, all with an emphasis in visual literacy. A strong foundation in design, competence with computer literacy, a continuous development of drawing skills and the understanding of mass media are central to the programs.

    The AA Degree Program in Graphic Design or Media Communication Students entering both programs are urged to work with an advisor to plan a two year schedule to clearly understand the best sequencing of courses. Depending on date of entry to the program and students’ interests and goals, students entering the program in the second semester may need to attend summer school to complete the program.