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Institutional Learning Goals

The goal of Mount Saint Mary’s University’s assessment program is to inform program improvement that will lead, ultimately, to a stronger student experience and enhanced student learning. Thus, Mount Saint Mary’s University has defined Institutional Learning Goals and Outcomes to achieve such continuous improvement. Listed are the four institutional learning goals (ILG) for the Mount. You will also learn of the institutional outcomes associated with each ILG by exploring the separate webpages for undergraduate and graduate learning outcomes.

(ILG #1)  Disciplinary Expert

Mount graduates will demonstrate the knowledge, skills and dispositions required of their chosen discipline.

(ILG #2)  Complex Thinker

Mount graduates will be able to apply investigation, critical thinking, and analytic and decision-making skills to identify and solve problems effectively. 

(ILG #3)  Clear Communicator

Mount graduates will be able to effectively convey ideas, opinions, and facts in written and oral form.

(ILG #4)  “Dear Neighbor”

Mount graduates are prepared to ethically live, work, serve and lead within diverse local, national, and global communities.

Student Learning Goals and Outcomes - Undergraduate

Student Learning Goals and Outcomes - Graduate